Swing Trading Log as on 3/01/2020

Updating about my current running positions, I had already booked some of it and on 3/01/2020 I booked 70% of the remaining positions as my target for the month (15/12/19-15/01/2020) had crossed.

Initially I had booked 1.2% on AshokLeyland and few from BEL positions

The above screenshot is of Friday when I booked 70% of everything.

Total ROI generated around 4.7%

Holding period – 16 Days

Now, I will be running the overall positions and SL have been shifted to Break-even my 3.5% target will still be intact with 30% positions left.

I will be looking forward for new positions to be taken.


The market looks a bit shady. I will be looking for Fibonacci levels retracement till 12,085/12,016 Nifty levels. If that breaks we might be poised to head more downwards.

Shorting looks favorable at this point in time.

Meanwhile, contrary Nifty Midcap have given breakout from higher frame bear trend line.

I will be looking for an opportunity to go long on quality stocks with proper setups at the retest of the falling bear trendline.

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