Buying the Corona Dip -2

This is the 2nd part after I had started investing which was mentioned in my earlier post.

As I earlier said that the chances of re visiting the 8555 low made at that time was high and it so happened that we did hit 7500 and I made sure I had more capital to invest at that level.

The chart below shows my doing or changes in my portfolio in the chronological order.

Now, this is the flexibility I believe one needs to have to be either an investor or a trader. I was wrong I admitted it and corrected my mistake quickly.

I was waiting for the mid test of the Bullish engulfing pattern, As soon as it closed below the middle for the day I cashed out booking some minor losses.

The strength and volume of retest also has to be judged.

Further Scenario – I think its now very difficult to breach 7500 again but we might have one sharp correction. We are 20% high from the bottom and currently at Wave-B. Wave B should be over by the end of this month according to wave lengths and then we might see another drop (not necessarily, markets are all about probability), a final perhaps.

Below are the name of the stocks that I am currently holding in 2 portfolios.

One portfolio just consists of 1 stock.

There are few names from my portfolio that I have hidden because of very high risk and circuits limit where one if entered would not be able to get out (if things turn bad) because of liquidity issues.

I am trading in options these days heavily, with back tested data. I will post about it soon.

Please stay at home and be safe!

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